This search engine is designed for piano teachers and students, as well as performing pianists. It can be used to explore the repertoire in search for new works to learn and perform. It also serves as a detailed reference source for the classical piano repertoire.

Database Statistics

  • 894 composers
  • 50 countries
  • 5471 works
  • 15748 movements or excerpts

Grateful ackowledgments are extended to all who have helped me with this project. In particular, sincere thanks are offered to the following pianists who have generously collaborated during the creation of the website:

  • Jimmy Brière,
  • Marc Durand
  • Susan Haller
  • Deanne Mohr
About the author

Eric Brisson holds a Doctorate in Piano Performance from University of Montreal, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from McGill University. He is Associate Professor of Music at Winona State University.

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