Dussek - The Sufferings of The Queen of France, op.23
General Information
Composer(s) :
Dussek, Jan Ladislav  (1760-1812)
Work type(s) :
Piano solo
Composition date(s) :
Movements or Excerpts
1 The Queen’s Imprisonment (Largo)
2 She reflects on her former greatness (Maestosamente; doloroso)
3 They separate her from her childern [sic] (Agitato Assai) The Farewell of her Childern (Andante)
4 They pronounce the sentence of death. (Allegro con furio)
5 Her resignation to her fate (Allegro Innocente)
6 The situation and reflections the night before her execution (Andante agitato)
7 March (Lento)
8 The savage tumult of the rabble (Presto Furioso)
9 The Queen’s invocation to the Almighty just before her death (Molto Adagio Devotamente) (Molto Adagio Devotamente) The Guillotine drops
10 The Apotheosis (Allegro Maestoso)

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