Dallapiccola - Sonatina Canonica on Caprices of Niccolo Paganini
General Information
Composer(s) :
Dallapiccola, Luigi  (1904-1975)
Work type(s) :
Piano solo
Duration : 10:07
Composition date(s) :
Key & mode : E-flat major
Comment : Tonal work based in E-Flat major. Four short movements, each based on a Paganini Caprice. A very charming and sometimes humorous work. Some tricky cross hand work. Since each movement is written in canon form, there are difficulties in bringing out and fo
Movements or Excerpts
 NameTempo IndicationAverage durationKey & mode
1 Allegretto comodo 3:51 E-flat major
2 Largo 1:55 E-flat major
3 Andante sostenuto 1:59 C major
4 Alla marcia 2:22 E-flat major
Publishing Information
General Information
Publisher:Masters Music Publications
Title:Sonatina Canonica on Paganini's Caprices
Excerpts Contained:Complete

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